Victoria Shennan


Rumination on Mastication

What if you could explore the complexity of the mouth through eating?

Join us for a spot of ‘Rumination on Mastication.’
Chew the cud with oral cavity experts over a few tasty morsels, to get the juices flowing. If you think saliva is unpalatable, think again, as we will dive into the microcosm of the mouth; delving beneath your pearly whites to explore the ecosystem, landscape and inhabitants of this wet world.

Trust us, you’ll find the sensational stories of the mouth hard to swallow!

This pop-up restaurant allowed guests to sit down and ‘break bread’ with experts, indulging in one of the vital performances of the body, chewing, digesting and exploring themes and subjects that have been delved into during Science Gallery London's Mouthy season.
Collaboration with chef duo Blanch & Shock for Science Gallery London

Borough Market, 24.11.16

A breath of fresh air

Hot apple juice infused with Douglas Fir and caraway

Cheek by Jowl
Ox cheek, pork jowl ham, British seaweed, kale, wood ear mushrooms, beef broth

Tongue Tingling

Cured tongue on sourdough with four garnishes, spanning different combinations of tastes*

Tannic / sour / sweet:
black tea and apple sauce
Piquant / numbing:
Beetroot and Szechuan pepper chutney
Umami / salty:
Mushroom and miso condiment

Bitter / sour: Smoked beer vinegar, onions, Alexanders seed salsa

Palate Cleanser

A small drink of Bergamot lemon with the texture of saliva, topped with a light foam of chamomile

Sweet Tooth
A winter trifle of lemon and quince, reflecting the make up of the toot

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